There were some claims that Honor would make wireless headphones. However, the company remained silent on this issue until the launch date. Honor Magic Earbuds was introduced as Apple AirPods rival.

The device, which is advantageous in terms of price and features compared to its competitors, attracted great attention from users.

Honor Magic Earbuds features
Smartphone manufacturers continue to improve themselves on wireless headphones. Honor also aims to increase its market share by entering the wireless headphone market.

The company highlighted the noise canceling feature when introducing wireless headphones. Stating that the noise canceling feature works satisfactorily in any social environment or public transportation, the authorities have made great progress in this regard.

The name of the technology used in the shared images is stated as hybrid active noise prevention. In addition, the company, which shows its success in blocking the ambient sound on the graph, seems to push the competitors.

Honor Magic Earbuds price
Honor Magic Earbuds features are not limited to this. It is estimated that the device with 10mm audio driver will satisfy the users in terms of sound quality and severity. Honor Magic Earbuds price is set at $ 140. The device, which will come out with a low price tag compared to its competitors, is thought to sell very well in terms of its features.

Battery performance and device release date are unfortunately not clear


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