The handover of the crazy president of the USA, Donald Trump, thankfully closed last week. It was expected that the meaningless embargo imposed by the USA against China, which was under Joe Biden’s administration, would come to an end. These expectations do not seem to fail. Honor, parting ways with Huawei and continuing on its own, blew the good news today.



According to the statements from Honor’s CEO, new models to be introduced may have an Android license. This means Google Mobile Services will be on Honor’s phones. In other words, applications such as Gmail, YouTube, Google and Maps can now be used on Honor’s phones.

It is also said that Honor has agreed with AMD, Qualcomm and MediaTek. In other words, it seems that the embargoes imposed by America on China will be broken. Unfortunately, Huawei Mobile Services was used in the recently introduced V40. However, with the initiatives of Honor’s CEO, the Android license seems to be taken back.

The development of technology does not happen with one country. Even if you are in America, you are doomed to China about production. Besides, China does not only produce. In the technological field, it offers technologies even better than the technology giant called Apple. We can show Xiaomi’s true wireless charging technology without using cables as the most up-to-date and clear example of this. You know, the wireless charging technology that comes with the iPhone X will level up with Xiaomi.


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