Honor, one of the old sub-brands of Huawei, has released Magic UI 4.0 update for some phone models. With this update, Honor phones have almost gone up.


Yes, as every day, we continue to include various update details in our news today. In addition to Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi, other phone brands continue to make various attacks, and the Honor brand is not far from these developments. As you may remember, the US imposed some sanctions on the Chinese technology giant Huawei. Huawei wanted to save the Honor brand from these sanctions and made the company independent. The brand, which is currently on its way independently, has released a new update for some phone models. We can say that the new update has almost raised the phone models.

The successful company, which offers the Magic UI 4.0 update to millions of users globally, gives its users the opportunity to experience many innovations with this update. As with every update, this stable update brings various improvements and bug fixes. While the file size of the update was also shared with the users, it was also a matter of curiosity to which devices the update came to.

Honor 20, 20 Pro and V20 get Magic UI 4.0 update

The successful company has released a new update for three different phone models. Magic UI 4.0 update announced for Honor 20, 20 Pro and V20 has a file size of 1.84GB. Released with version number, the patch brings users multi-screen collaboration, smoother animations, super notepad, rhythmic ringtones, privacy settings and more. The update, which is released gradually in the global sense, will meet with users in all countries in turn.


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