Sold by Huawei recently, Honor will seek adventure in the new V40 series; The series will come with four different flagship chips!

Honor, which introduced the V30 series powered by Kirin 990 with a 7nm production process in November of last year, is now working on the V40 series, the continuation of the “V” series. The company, known to have been working on this series for a while, is sensitive about buying processors from Huawei, even though it is an old sub-brand of Huawei (Honor was sold in the past months). Of course, Huawei is taking a moderate approach to this situation. So much so that Honor’s use of Kirin in new models could put Huawei, who already had stock problems, in a difficult situation.

The information emerging in the face of this situation has become more surprising than all of these. So much so that the claims made over Weibo show that we will see four different flagship chips from four different manufacturers in the Honor V40 series. According to rumors, the four models to be found in the series will be powered by the following chips;

V40 Standard Edition = MediaTek Dimensity 1000+
V40 Pro Edition = Exynos 1080
V40 Pro Plus = Snapdragon 888
V40 Commemorative Edition = Kirin 9000

While such a move was not realized by Honor or other manufacturers before, we do not know how correct the policy applied. If the claims reflect the truth, all four models will be very strong and appeal to the same segment. Considering that there will not be a noticeable difference in terms of performance, we can say that Honor is looking for adventure.


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