Having broken its ties with Huawei, Honor announced that it will focus on tablets, PCs, smart watches and headphones, ie IoT products, in 2021.

Chinese Huawei had parted ways with Honor in recent weeks and sold the company. Honor, who is now 7 years old, talked about his plans for 2021. CEO Zhao Ming; In 2021, besides smartphones, Honor will produce IoT products such as tablets, PCs, smart watches, headsets, routers and smart displays. These products may be at the level to guide the market.

Zhao Ming; “Honor will pay more attention to the real experiences of consumers in the future and will gain everyone’s appreciation through the market and IoT products. As a company, we have the confidence and power to enable consumers to get to know the brand better. ” found in the description. Ming also published an open letter on Weibo, expressing his gratitude to users and partners for their continued interest and support for Honor on this special day.

Honor tablet

Suffered by US sanctions, Huawei had to sell Honor to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd. In this way, with Honor being a separate company, the company will automatically avoid US sanctions. In other words, it seems very likely that Honor will use Google Services on its new phones.

Huawei, which was unable to produce processors due to US sanctions, was a very logical move to sell Honor. The functioning in China is not the development of a single firm, but the development of all companies worldwide. Honor, which survived the sanctions thanks to this sale, is expected to make a big leap forward in 2021.


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