Honor, one of the powerful faces of the smartphone market, started talks with Qualcomm after leaving Huawei. In case of agreement, many powerful sets are on the table, including Snapdragon 888!

In the past months, Huawei China headquarters announced that it is selling the Honor brand, which they are a partner of. It didn’t take long before the rumors of the smartphone brand Honor were launching a flagship phone featuring the recently announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor.

In the report, according to a source close to Qualcomm, Honor and Qualcomm have already made chipset supply talks for the upcoming Honor phones. Honor thinks he is very optimistic about the negotiations and that both sides are close to reaching an agreement. For now, Honor will continue with the V40 series, which uses MediaTek chipsets.

Another note, Honor CEO Zhao Ming has clearly stated that the company’s goal is to become the top smartphone brand in China’s smartphone market. This statement was expressed in an employee’s communication meeting. In addition, Zhao stated that one week after the start of the sale, Honor will launch other products other than smartphones.

If you remember, the United States ban on Huawei covers both Huawei and Honor companies that do serious business with American companies. On the other hand, how will Honor’s relationship with Google be a highly anticipated situation. If the situation improves, it may be possible to see Honor phones with Google again.

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