Honor, which Huawei sells, will be gathered under the V40 series, the first models to be released in this process. 45W wireless charging support is expected in the series, which we expect to introduce in January.



In addition to the phone model, a car charger that offers wireless charging support has emerged. The product that came out with the Honor brand has the code number CK030.

Currently, Huawei brand has a car charger sold with this code number. The device in question was certified by Honor on December 23.

With the Huawei Mate 40 series, it offers support up to 50W with a wireless charging supported car charger. The code number of the product listed on an e-commerce site is CK030.

As with the Honor brand, the Huawei brand is positioned on the front.

Since Honor certifies a product similar to the Huawei brand’s product, we expect the features to be the same. The product offered for sale by Huawei has a price tag of 329 yuan. Honor is also expected to launch the wireless car charger at a similar price when it launches.

Although Honor is separated from Huawei, it seems that it will be benefiting from some technologies.


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