Dead Space News: Blessed be unitology


After months of rumors due to statements by the journalist, Jeff Grubb, the arrival of a new installment of the popular space survival horror saga, Dead Space, was finally confirmed. Get ready your plasma cutters.

The confirmation came during the recent EA Play event, where the company talked about its upcoming titles like Lost In Random and an Apex Legends expansion. Before closing the broadcast, we were left with a trailer confirming the return of Dead Space after an eight-year hiatus.

The rumors were true, Dead Space is back

The trailer they presented at EA Play did not give us many details regarding its gameplay. What it did let us see is that it is indeed a remake of the first Dead Space installment, since they showed us the quite recognizable corridors of the USG Ishimura, the mining ship invaded by necromorphs.

In addition, its exclusivity for the next generation consoles is confirmed, since until below, during the end of the trailer, we see that it only mentions that it will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Perhaps the remake of Dead Space is the game that will make many finally dare to take the generational leap.

As the rumors mention, the new title will be run by Motive Studios, who previously worked on Star Wars: Squadrons, and will be using the graphics engine known as Frostbite, so it will probably look great.

Although we did not see game mechanics, rumors suggested that the new installment is inspired by the Resident Evil remakes, so perhaps we can hope that they maintain the gameplay that made it a classic, with some add-ons to make it fit with more titles. modern.

We do not have an arrival date yet, but this will surely change in the coming months. Hopefully EA doesn’t keep us waiting much longer to get back into Isaac Clarke’s shoes on his first horrific Dead Space misadventure. Are you happy it wasn’t just a rumor?


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