It turned out that Elon Musk, who was blamed for the recent Bitcoin drop, did not sell his Dogecoins (DOGE). Tesla CEO said in a reply to YouTuber Dave Lee on Twitter that he is not planning to sell any of his Dogecoins. Details are in our news.

As we reported today, Musk shared a photo of Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck with the word “Cyberviking” adorned with neon under it. By posting a picture of a $ 1 bill with a Shiba-Inu dog on it, he hinted that DOGE could go up to $ 1.

Quite recently, Musk responded to Dave Lee’s tweet that “I think Elon does not sell any of DOGE investments” and stated that he has never and will not sell DOGE. Dogecoin is currently trading at $ 0.39 on the Binance exchange.

Finally, it is worth noting that the e-car maker still keeps Bitcoin on its balance sheet, despite the fact that it no longer accepts Bitcoin as a payment instrument due to environmental concerns.


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