Software giant MicroStrategy announced on Monday that it has purchased an additional $ 15 million of Bitcoins at $ 59,389 each.

These last 253 Bitcoin additions brought MicroStrategy’s total investment to 91,579 Bitcoins.

Michael Saylor, CEO of the software giant and currently one of the biggest Bitcoin advocates, made the announcement on Twitter. In an earlier statement, Saylor had said that his mission is to correct the world balance sheets. He even said once that his statements helped Elon Musk make the decision to allocate Tesla’s $ 1.5 billion of capital to Bitcoin.

The company, which invested in cryptocurrency for the first time in August 2020, has purchased a total of 91,579 Bitcoins since then. Buying an average of $ 24,311, MicroStrategy paid a total of $ 2 billion 226 million for this investment.


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