According to the information conveyed by XRPSCAN, the approvers in the XRP network have accepted the “Erasable Accounts” offer, and the much discussed feature has been officially launched on the Ripple network.

80% of those who participated in the 13-day mandatory voting process voted in favor of this feature, while the remaining 20% ​​voted against it. After the confirmation, the first account on the network was instantly deleted. This actually shows that a crucial milestone in network management has been left behind.

XRP Decentralization Can Damage
When users create a new account, 20 XRP is transferred to each account as a mandatory deposit application. The main purpose of this is known as preventing the opening of spam accounts. With the new application, XRP management will now be able to transfer 20 XRP deposits to the network by deleting locked and unused accounts.

The owner of the first deleted account had to pay a fee of 5 XRP, which is directly deducted from the relevant deposit. This practice, which was introduced in October 2019, may be a major blow to decentralization, according to some. Considering that Ripple has 60% of the total XRP amount, XRP seems to be waiting for investors in the near future.


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