The “Mary” Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) event will present multi-asset features to the Cardano mainnet tonight on March 2 at 00:44:51 with the launch of epouch # 251.

For this, Cardano developer IOG has released a new version of the Daedalus wallet with new features.

Daedalus version 4.0.0-RC1 will initially be on Cardano’s test network and will allow developers and share pool operators to transfer ADA and local assets. The new version of Daedalus will also have a new UI, IOG added:

“Tomorrow night UTC will release a Daedalus Flight wallet timed with a Mary hard fork. Then, after testing the end user experience with our community of expert users, we will make final integrations and publish a full Daedalus for everyone! Forward!”

“Mary” is the second of three HFC events designed to apply smart contract capabilities to truly kick off Cardano’s Goguen era. The next HFC “Alonzo” will be activated in the second quarter of 2021.

In addition, while all major cryptocurrencies saw significant declines in the past week, Cardano managed to reach an all-time high around $ 1.48. ADA is still trading at $ 1.25, despite falling 5.2% in the past 24 hours.

As for its outlook for the coming weeks, many experts agree that ADA will continue to be one of the most valued cryptocurrencies in March. However, tarder Michael van der Poppe recently warned that in light of the ADA’s “Mary” hard fork, the “take the rumor, sell the news” phenomenon could be harmed. In today’s analysis, the trader noted that now ADA has lost support for $ 1.40. As a result, he predicts that the price could drop to around $ 1.15 or $ 0.90. However, if the price rises, breaking $ 1.40 could move the ADA’s price to an uncharted territory.

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However, in the long run, ADA may perform better. The Plutus platform can make Cardano a more attractive alternative to Ethereum for building decentralized applications, thanks to its lower transaction fees and the ability to create native tokens.


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