HouseParty, which has grown 70 times in some markets, reached 17.2 million new downloads in 30 days

With the Covid-19 outbreak, HouseParty, which users frequently use, broke its own record in usage and downloads in March, according to App Annie data. The video chat application purchased by Epic Games last year announced that it has reached 50 million registered users.

Houseparty, which has shown a steady growth until now, has experienced a 70-fold growth in some markets with this figure. According to Apptopia data, the app also showed the same record in download numbers. Houseparty has reached 17.2 million new downloads in the last 30 days on iOS and Android platforms. Let’s add at this point that Sensor Tower calculates this figure as 28 million downloads. In the meantime, it is worth noting that the numbers stated are not included on the Mac and Chrome platforms.

It is possible to say that HouseParty has also reached the top in application stores. HouseParty, which has risen to the first place in the App Store in 82 countries, including the USA, has risen to the 3rd place in the Social apps category of the Google Play Store in the USA.

It should also be noted that the application is ranked number 1 in all applications category in 16 countries. In the USA, it ranks second in the App Store and Google Play’s all apps category.

According to the company statement, the average time spent per application stands out as 60 minutes. In the Covid-19 outbreak, this average occasionally rises above 80 minutes. Stating that users of all ages and profiles use the application, the company announced that users connect with an average of 23 friends. Half of these users prefer to play games while speaking.

According to investors in 2016, HouseParty, which we included in the list of 30 initiatives that should be followed in 2017, was one of the rare enterprises that collected the fruits of the labor it gave during the epidemic period. As our way of living with the epidemic and our habits change, it is possible that the practices that respond to the needs in this period will come to the fore.


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