According to writer Isaiah Jackson, creating economic power can help the black community.

How can Bitcoin currently use it to help the African American community? This is one of the issues that are frequently talked about. According to Bitcoin and Black America writer Jackson, who made a statement on June 4, whether purchasing power is provided with cryptocurrency like fiat or Bitcoin (BTC), purchasing power will help people.

Should tragedies cease, such as the killing of George Floyd, the wealth between Afro-Americans and the white people in the U.S. should be addressed by the racist history of practice. Jackson talks about what a lack of such power will create in a community:

“[…] Without your economic power, the cops who come from outside the community do not value people. They don’t care about people. They don’t see you as a person, and that’s a problem. ”

The author says that money can help fight police brutality in different ways than going out on the streets:

“How can you deal with a tyrant? I think there are only two ways: either force them to cleverly bankruptcy or violence. I think the best option is money. ”

Crypto Money is Growing Interest

As in the United States and major cities around the world, protests are known to increase interest in cryptocurrencies. Protesters calling to buy Bitcoin have already appeared in many cities with banners in their hands. It was previously reported in August that the move in Hong Kong caused some local businesses to accept decentralized digital currencies.

However, investors should also be careful to ensure that their money is used for a legitimate purpose. Some people cheat people using a personalized token, taking cash in the name of George Floyd.

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Jackson named crypto donation groups such as BitGive and GiveBitcoin as a potential start.


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