With the released video, it was revealed how the new Edge Chromium browser works on the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft, which has been working to provide a better browser experience to Xbox users, has started to test its new Chromium-based Edge browser on Xbox consoles. The new Edge Chromium browser was made available to Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S users in the Alpha Skip-Ahead group. While wondering how the new Edge browser will work on the Xbox, today The Verge editor Tom Warren has revealed how the browser, which is still in the testing phase, offers a user experience with the video he has published.

Stating that he is running Discord, Google Stadia and GeForce NOW over the Xbox Series X with the new Edge browser, Warren states that the browser, which is currently in the testing phase, cannot perform some functionality. Addressing the problems he encountered in this section, the editor says that Discord works on Xbox Series X with the new Edge Chromium browser, but the microphone feature is not available for now. Noting that he can also join Discord servers through the browser, Warren emphasizes that he can communicate in writing.

In addition, the editor briefly mentions the Google Stadia and GeForce NOW experiences in the Xbox Series X in the video he has published, and in this direction, he runs the Destiny 2 from Stadia and the Cyberpunk 2077 via GeForce NOW. Revealing that both games run smoothly on the browser, Warren says that with the updates, the new Edge browser will offer a better experience to Xbox users.

It is not known when this browser, which is currently in the testing phase, will be available for now. However, according to information shared by sources close to the company, the mentioned Chromium-based Edge version is expected to be accessible to all Xbox users as soon as possible.


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