Microsoft announced the curious details about the Xbox Series X that it launched in December. Although the technical features of the device are widely known, it is quite curious how the game performance will be.

Similar to PlayStation 5, Microsoft’s new game console will be presented to users with its SSD storage. Mike Rayner, one of the developers of the game called Gears 5, mentioned the advantages of this in an interview with Windows Central.

Four times the speed without code changes with Xbox Series X!
Stating that the use of SSD storage devices in game consoles will start a new era, Rayner explained that the disks that can read and write data ten times faster than the hard disks in previous generation consoles will have a great impact on the speed of the consoles. the duration was shortened 4 times without making any code changes. ”

The developer, who said that there will be updates to benefit from the blessings of SSD, added that we can learn more details about the games in a few weeks. The exclusive NVMe SSD developed for the console seems to be one of the strongest rivals in the gaming world.

While we’re slowly getting details about Microsoft’s new player console, we don’t know much about the PS5 yet. It will not be unusual for us to learn new information about the console, which has gossiped that it will be introduced in May.


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