Well, we are only a few days away from a very important world date. It can be said that it is celebrated all over the world, although, of course, in some cultures the meaning of Christmas is very different.

Now we will talk about how Christmas is celebrated in South Korea. I will tell you something, I had the opportunity to be there during that time. And the decor is beautiful, especially in Seoul, everything is bright and where you can take pictures. Busan is beautiful because on the beach they make a path full of lights where you see a lot of people taking pictures.

But hey in South Korea is celebrated as Valentine’s Day where you go out with your friends or your partner and have fun, where you do the traditional exchange of gifts.

The best of all is the food, as it has a delicious Christmas Cake that has a beautiful decoration and a spectacular flavor, I promise that this cake will melt in your mouth.

So, if you are going to spend Christmas in South Korea, my recommendation is to take up a lot of camera space and keep your stomach empty, so you can eat a lot 😀


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