You know, Covidien-19 outbreak in Turkey as well as the quarry planted fig trees in the world. 2020 has been an inefficient year in all areas. Many companies were in trouble. Although the Chinese smartphone companies were in a bottleneck, they did not receive a huge hit. However, phone sales have dropped significantly last year. Let’s look at the first months of this year together.



The Chinese government has released a new report, announcing that since the beginning of this year, phone sales have approached the level of 2019, and the negative effects of the pandemic have diminished. Compared to January 2020, sales have doubled this year.

Shipments in the region increased by 94.3 percent year on year to 39.6 million units in January 2021, according to a Reuters report. The data is published by the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication (CAICT). In January 2020, shipments of smartphones reached only 20.4 million units; which is less than the 32.1 million units shipped in January 2019. In other words, the first month of this year has surpassed the year before the COVID-19 outbreak, and is even showing a huge improvement over last year.

In addition to the difficulties experienced in the supply chain last year, as well as the economic difficulties of the people, phone sales had crashed last year, but we see that this year started well. We will inform you, our valuable readers, as new data emerges in the coming months.


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