The core number of new Apple Silicon chipsets, which is expected to start production in the last quarter of this year, was shared by a Twitter user. According to the share, Apple Silicon will host a total of 12 cores.

Apple made a very exciting statement about its products at the WWDC 2020 event held in the past weeks. The company announced that the Apple Silicon chipsets they produce for their own products will come later this year. After this announcement, there was no sound from Apple about chipsets.

However, as always in the world of technology, some information has still been revealed. The last one of this information was an information that will enable us to foresee how the performance of the Apple Silicon chipset will be. A user named ‘Apple RUMORs’ on Twitter said how many cores Apple’s Silicon chipsets would have.

Apple Silicon will come with 12 cores:

According to the Twitter user shared on the platform, Apple Silicon chipsets will have 12 cores in total. However, since Apple’s A-series chipsets are divided into cores for performance and efficiency, the architecture of the new chipsets is not yet known.

An earlier claim about this issue was that Apple Silicon chips would be 12 cores. This claim also gave a little hint about the architecture of the chipset. Accordingly, 8 cores of the Apple Silicon chipset would be performance cores, and 4 cores would be efficiency cores.

Another claim made in the past weeks was when the new MacBook Pro, which will feature this chipset, will go into production. According to this claim, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro will be produced in the last quarter of this year. So Apple Silicon chips will be produced in the same process.

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Apple’s new Silicon chipset, which is expected to have 12 cores, seems to offer great performance in both graphics and computing. Let us remind you that even the GPU in the company’s A12Z chipset has managed to pass the iGPUs in AMD Ryzen 5 4500U and Intel Core i7-1065G7 in OpenCL tests.

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