Samsung, the pioneer of foldable phone models, plans to produce more than 7 million foldable phones this year. Details have arrived.


We have talked about foldable phone models for months and weeks. Many phone manufacturers will introduce different foldable phones in the coming period. While Apple company works on a foldable iPhone, Samsung company will also launch its foldable phones with the Galaxy Z Flip series. On the other hand, the Chinese technology giant continues to focus on its own foldable phones and tablets in Xiaomi. While Xiaomi and OPPO agreed with the South Korean company for foldable phones, it was also clear how many foldable phones the company will launch this year.

The South Korean tech giant is currently working on budget-friendly tablet models. The company, which will try to achieve high sales with two different tablet models in the coming weeks, will make a name for itself with its foldable phones this year.

Samsung Will Launch More Than 7 Million Foldable Phones This Year

The South Korean company, which will be the pioneer of foldable phones, plans to launch more than 7 million foldable phones this year. The company, which will present two different foldable phones this year, will produce more than 7 million of these phones and offer them to users all over the world. These phone models, which will also have S-Pen support, will reach larger screen proportions when opened. There is no information on how many foldable phones other companies will produce.


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