Since it is 1.44MB in size, today a movie can fit on floppy drives, which we can install with a few. An amateur developer has put in a lot of work for this.

The floppy disk, or floppy as we know it, was a period-marked portable storage unit. Installation applications of peripheral units, games, software, briefly everything that needs to be installed would come in floppy disks. Since a standard floppy disk is 1.44MB in size, you would have to travel with more than one.

One movie to a floppy disk
Today, thanks to the developing technology, storage areas at TB or even PB level can be obtained. However, for those who want to experience nostalgia, a Reddit user managed to fit a movie into a floppy disk.

The user has developed a special compressor based on x265 codec and managed to produce video at 120×96 pixel resolution to give 4 frames per second. Thus, Shrek reduced his movie to 1.37MB. Naturally, there is even free space left on the floppy disk.

To run this codec, a special cassette player named LimaTek Diskmaster based on Raspberry Pi was prepared. When you insert the floppy disk into this player, which has a floppy disk drive, the movie starts playing automatically.

According to the 4K movie experience on mobile devices, 96p resolution can be terrifying to the eye. Fluency and sound output also take us back decades. Still, it is quite successful as a hobby. The user is planning to place films on vinyls soon.


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