Matt Riddle, the new SmackDown signing

Matt Riddle is currently in luck. The former NXT wrestler has been part of the WWE main roster since last week.

Riddle has been promoted directly to SmackDown, where he will have the opportunity to fight with fighters like Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles.

This is great news as the WWE blue brand needed new momentum to fill the void left by Roman Reigns.

Braun Strowman is not giving great rivalries and, for the moment, the best fighters of SmackDown (Bryan and Styles), dispute this week the less important title.

A decision fans will like

Matt Riddle is a charismatic fighter, he can be a great incentive for when there is a public in the stadiums again. Thousands of people will be able to sing “Bro, bro, bro” while the UFC expeleador walks barefoot into the ring.

We don’t know yet what role Riddle will have on the main roster, or how long it will take to clinch a title shot.

What seems clear at the moment is that there are great plans for him. Kurt Angle generated a lot of expectation when he announced the arrival of the Pennsylvania to the blue mark, perhaps he is preparing for something big.

Bitter ending to Riddle on NXT

It is a new boost to the career of Matt Riddle, who has bid farewell to NXT leaving a bittersweet flavor.

He had no chance to say goodbye to his “Broserweight”, Pete Dunne due to the coronavirus and his alliance with Timothy Thatcher has ended badly enough.

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Imperium snatched the tag team championships from the yellow mark and, after the tag team split, Thatcher beat him in a Steel Cage Match.

We will be watching Riddle’s evolution to see if he overcomes his sad farewell to NXT or if it affects him in his first days on the main roster.

We all look forward to seeing the famous Matt Riddle vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Will it ever happen?


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