Apple Watch News: It has been revealed how much the latest Apple Watch smartwatch, which will take the smartphone market by storm, costs.


The movement in the world of technology continues. In addition to smartphones, the smart watch market has also started to heat up. As different models come out, the competition continues to increase. Famous companies reach millions with their smart watches as well as their phones. Especially in the smartphone market, the wind of the Apple Watch has been blowing for years. The company, which has 40 percent of the phones sold in 2020, seems to show the same success this year. Today it was revealed how much the newest Watch series watch costs. The situation is rather surprising.

As you know, the new smart watch model continues to be sold with prices starting from 399 dollars today. Increasing its market share by 33 percent in the first quarter of this year, the company met expectations with its new smart watch model. Today it became clear how much the device costs.

How Much Did the Apple Watch Cost?

According to the information we received, the company’s newest smart watch cost a total of 136 dollars. Today, the smart watch, which is sold for $ 399, is sold at a much higher price than its cost in total. According to the Counterpoint Research research company, 68 percent of the total cost of the device is the processor, display, sensor set and watch case. The combination of ION-X tempered glass in the device accounts for approximately 13.2% of the watch’s value. The watch continues to sell like crazy.


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