If you are seeing or doing something that you do not want others to see, with these programs you can hide it instantly.

We may be shopping on Amazon during the hours that we should be working. We can be playing when we should be studying. For whatever reason, if you need to know how you can quickly clear the PC screen of what you’re doing so that you don’t get caught, here are these 5 programs.

Boss Key

Perhaps the best known of the ‘anti-boss’ programs, Boss Key is software that allows us to instantly clear the screen using a key combination known only to us, and even silence the PC, ideal if we have an open shopping website. and at the same time we are on YouTube watching the ‘unboxing’ of something in particular.

The best thing is that Boss Key allows you to program which applications and programs will be hidden while starting others, for example that you hide the browser with Netflix, Amazon and YouTube open and launch Word, Excel and a financial app so that the boss does not suspect just look at the Windows desktop and think we are doing nothing.


Today a fairly veteran program, the free Outtasight actually has secondary functions that don’t work in the latest versions of operating systems. But its main functions are still ongoing, including the option to hide the applications we choose and keep others open.

The software also has the Magic Wand function, a magic wand that when dragged over the window of a specific program hides it instantly. Certainly much more useful and less obvious than hastily closing / minimizing something in front of the boss.


Another veteran of the list but constantly updated, WinRAP is a program that not only hides applications instantly through a combination of keys, but also allows you to hide services and keep them running discreetly, in addition to putting a password so that no one except we can make them visible again.

Ideal if we share the PC with someone or if we are going to be away from the computer for a while but we do not want anyone to know what we are doing. In fact, you can even hide the taskbar, Start button and others so that nobody can operate that PC.

Taskbar Hide

Ocular / clearing the desktop does not mean that we can breathe easy, as a boss with some experience can take a look at the taskbar and notice the programs that are active. For this Taskbar Hide is born, which is in charge not only of hiding apps and running programs, but also of hiding their running icons from the taskbar so that they cannot catch us. And hide them under a password that only we know.

Tray It!

We have learned to hide a running program or service, and also to hide its icon in the taskbar, but what about notifications? Tray It is responsible for this, a program designed to hide or show the icons in the notification area and prevent us from being discovered by an unexpected alert. You can also hide the icons on the taskbar and round out the move to go unnoticed.


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