How to defend well in FIFA 20? See best defense tips in the game. See how to organize defensively and avoid goals in matches.

FIFA 20 is the latest version of EA Sports’ famous football simulator , which received an update with some improvements, but left doubts about the game’s new defense system. Novice or more experienced players may be confused by the new options in the title, available for Nintendo Switch , PC, PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ) and Xbox One.

With some commands and settings, which help you organize defensively against fast attackers and deadly tables, you can have a good line of defense. In the following lines, we gathered tips for not leaving the defense exposed and taking less goals in the game.

Custom tactic

In FIFA 20, it is not enough to choose between 3-5-2, 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1. It is necessary to mold the team to your own way and, for that, it is necessary to make adjustments to the personalized tactics. On the tactics screen, it is possible to modify the defensive style to more or less pressure the opponent, as well as the depth that the defense will play on the field and the extent of the players along the field. You can choose strategies such as making a high line or “closing the box” and playing on the boom, as well as deciding to make the team more compact or more open. In FIFA 20, the most common is to choose a smaller depth to take less risk with long balls, but this can force the user to play on the counterattack.


Another important point is to think about the individual instructions for the players. Steering wheels and sides must always have the offensive support option selected in “Stay in Defense”, to avoid advances that leave their defenders unprotected during counterattacks. It is also possible to define whether players will be more aggressive when trying to intercept, which can be interesting at certain times of the game. In the case of steering wheels, covering the center will ensure more security regarding the positioning of the players.

To surround

Once inside the game, the best alternative to act well defensively is to strike only at the necessary moments and to avoid strollers as much as possible. Instead of going out in the field, choose to keep the L2 or LT pressed, depending on your console. He will make his players perform the so-called “jockey”, which is the positioning to surround the player with the ball. This will allow you to close spaces on the pitch and force your opponent to miss passes or retreat. Running is also not recommended, since at that time you need to be calm and act on the opponent’s mistake.


Offside line

This is risky, but it can work and even irritate your opponent. Making an offside line requires training and millimeter accuracy, as an error leaves the opponent in the face of the goal. To do this, simply press the directional pad down twice. It is not the most recommended tactic on the list, but if you notice that your opponent likes to throw long shots towards his spikes, it may be a way to control him.

Don’t leave holes

The golden tip for defending is not to leave holes in the defense. To do this, avoid running with a single character behind the player with the ball. Try to make a smart mark, keeping whoever is close to the ball under control to surround the opponent. When running with a single player, you allow the opponent to open spaces and surprise with a move that leaves him in the face of the goal.


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