The manufacturer Boston Dynamics announced on Tuesday (16) the beginning of the commercialization of Spot, the robot dog that goes viral every now and then in videos on social networks. The model can be purchased only in the United States for at least US $ 74,500 (R $ 386,800 in direct currency conversion). Sales are restricted to the company’s website.

Spot is a quadrupedal robot capable of climbing stairs, walking over rough terrain and carrying small packages. It can be operated remotely or autonomously, from an application for mobile devices.

Developers can also purchase the model to create new features for the model, which in most cases should be applied as a work tool.

Previously, Spot was already sold in an anticipated version and under contract to companies and even hospitals – some models even helped to screen suspected cases of COVID-19. The development of the model started in 2015.

From now on, any interested user can make the purchase, with the order taking six to eight weeks to reach the recipient. In addition to the robot, it is possible to purchase an insurance plan (US $ 15 thousand), a camera with sensors (US $ 21.8), an extra battery (US $ 4.6 thousand) and an accessory that guarantees more connectivity to the robot, including Ethernet ($ 1,200).


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