Dark mode for mobile was officially released earlier this year for WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app. The dark mode, which most users prefer as the theme, can be used for WhatsApp Web with a few small settings, though not officially. So how to open WhatsApp Web dark mode?

How to activate WhatsApp Web Dark Mode?
Dark mode was finally discovered on WhatsApp Web, a service developed by WhatsApp that allows you to use it on your computer through your web browser. Before moving on to how it is used, it is useful to make a few reminders.

First of all, this feature is not yet available as an official feature. That’s why you have to make the same setting every time you log in to WhatsApp Web. Now we can move on to how to activate the feature.

– Open the WhatsApp Web website with Chrome. (This feature has been tested in the Chrome browser, if it works in other browsers, please specify it in the comments.)

– Start your WhatsApp session by reading the QR code.

– When WhatsApp Web is opened, right click on an area outside the chat section.

– Select “Inspect” option from the right click menu.

– You will see the <body class = ”web”> code at the top of the lines of code in the console that will come up.

– Change the variable set as “web” in this code to “web dark”.

– And in front of you, dark mode is ready to be used. After this process, turn off the console. You can now use WhatsApp Web dark mode. Let’s remind you that you need to do the same every time you refresh the page.

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