The computers we use fall behind the developing technology day by day and may fall into idle state. The computer we bought a few years ago becomes out of date in a short time with rapidly developing technology. For this reason, the programs and games we use cannot run. In this case, the thing to do is to upgrade some of the features of your computer. However, this is very limited, especially in laptop computers. In this article, we will see practical ways to reevaluate the old computer that fell idle.



The old idle computer comes to life again

Both desktop and laptop technology is advancing very fast. A top-notch computer becomes outdated in a short time. Often users stop using their computers due to poor performance. You can use your computer in this situation for different purposes instead of trashing it.

Use your old computer as a security camera; Using the built-in camera of your laptop, you can protect your home or workplace and have the opportunity to watch it live. In addition, by installing a Dvr card on your old desktop computer, you can record your security cameras on the computer and watch them live with an internet connection.

Use your old computer as a wireless modem; If the signal strength of the internet in your home or workplace is not good enough, this method is for you and you can install it in a simple way with the help of only one program. We recommend that you use the Connectify software for this.

Use your old computer as an external hard drive and backup files; For this, you can have an external hard disk after removing the 2.5 or 3.5 hard disk in your old computer and placing it in the hard disk box.

Using your old computer as a media player; Your computer may perform poorly and not open up-to-date programs and games, but it may turn into a good media player. For this, you can connect your computer to the TV or monitor and get a media player with the help of wireless keyboard and mouse.

Cash out your old computer; You can sell parts of your computer that you do not use or have a breakdown through second-hand sites. About this, there are many free sales sites in our country.


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