The social network updates its application with the option of being able to send audio notes instead of text messages.

In the beginning, WhatsApp was used to send text messages, Instagram to upload photos, and Twitter to send 140-character micro-messages. But in today’s day and age, every successful app and social network needs to be multitasking, and WhatsApp can send documents and make video calls, Instagram can be used to book a hotel, and Twitter to do live broadcasts.

And something else, because Twitter has just implemented one of the most used features on WhatsApp: voice messages.

Only for iOS

Twitter has doubled the character limit, has allowed us to upload photos, videos, and as of today it is testing the function to send audio notes within a Tweet. Each voice Tweet can last up to 140 seconds of audio, and if you fall short you can keep talking, because once you reach the time limit for a Tweet, a new voice Tweet automatically starts creating a thread.

Once you’re done, tap the Done button to end your recording and return to the composer’s screen to Tweet. People will see your voice Tweet appear on their timeline along with other Tweets. To listen to it, you just have to touch on the image. The advantage if you have iOS is that the playback will start in a new window anchored at the bottom of your timeline and you will be able to listen while scrolling on the screen. You can also keep listening if you are doing other things or moving.

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How to send voice messages on Twitter

At the moment in tests, the creation of voice Tweets is available from today for a limited group of people on Twitter and only for iOS; but in the coming weeks all iOS devices should be able to allow Tweeting with voice. Everyone will be able to see them (hear them) and respond, although at the moment it is not known when this can also be done on Android.

And this is how it is done:

  1. Open the Twitter app on mobile
  2. Hit the compose tweet icon in the lower right corner (the writing pen)
  3. It will open the interface to compose a Tweet. Look at the central line, where the camera icon and the latest photos from the mobile gallery appear. Now you will see a new icon next to the camera: some voice lines
  4. Press the icon and you will start to record the 140 seconds of voice memo


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