Are you having a notification problem on Huawei phones in the absence of Google? Notifications will start coming with a few simple actions.



You may be experiencing a notification problem after Google apps and services are removed from Huawei devices. First, let’s briefly mention the reason for this, and then let’s look at the solution. The reason is, of course, the removal of Google services from Huawei phones. Because most of the applications on phones with Android operating system use the Google Push notification service.

We can define push notification, in short, as the user being notified of any application data. Thanks to push notification, users receive alerts via data without being online in the applications they use.

For a while, there was a notification problem on Android devices purchased from China. The reason for this was that Google was banned in this country, so there were no Google services on the phones. We need to look at Huawei phones from this framework. Phones do not have Google services, which causes notifications to be missed on some apps (using Google Push). All applications must be integrated into Huawei Mobile Services to completely eliminate the notification problem; which seems to take time. So how to deal with the notification problem?


How to solve the notification problem on Huawei phones?

As you know, Google services can be installed on existing Huawei phones with some methods. However, even if you do this, you cannot receive notifications from many applications (Google apps, macho, Twitter, Trendyol, Telegram and more). With the method we will explain in the lower section, you will have solved the notification problem on Huawei phones to a great extent. However, in order to do this method, Google services must not be installed on your phone.

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1-First, let’s download the APK files of the two applications in the subsection and install them on our phone.

2- Open MicroG Setting application. Enable the Google device registration, Cloud Messaging and Google Safetynet sections here.

3- Click the Self-Check button. If the app asks for your permission, confirm them.

4- Click the Google Cloud Messaging button. Then click the three dots and open the Advanced section. Then activate the Confirm new apps button.

5- After completing the steps above, restart your device.

6- After your device is rebooted, open the application with the notification problem. A confirmation window will open to transmit push notifications here. Give permission / confirmation. You will now start receiving notifications without any problems.


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