Waterproof phones have become very popular in recent years. So, how to test the waterproof feature of the phone? Here it is with this app!


With the expansion of the usage areas of the phones, the waterproof feature has also come to the mobile area. In fact, it became so popular that we started to see IP67 certificates even in the middle segment. So, how to test the waterproof feature of the phone? If you bought a phone and don’t know if it has this feature, this application will make your life easier.

How to Test the Waterproof Feature of the Phone?

The Water Resistance Tester application, which allows you to test the water resistance of your phone, has been officially released on Google Play. Water Resistance Tester app uses your smartphone’s barometer and your phone doesn’t need to be immersed in water to measure its water resistance. A barometric sensor takes the pressure level inside the device and the app measures changes in that pressure.

To measure, you have to put the phone on a flat surface and press firmly on the screen with two thumbs. After checking, the app will let you know if your phone is still waterproof. The app only supports smartphones that meet a certain degree of protection or are equipped with a barometer. If your phone has a barometer feature, you can download this application for free from the Play Store.

The app helps you to check if the IP67 / IP68 waterproof seals are still on your phone using the built-in barometer. Please note that the seals can be damaged due to falling and aging of the device. It should be noted that even waterproof phones may be out of warranty after liquid contact. So don’t dive into water by saying that my phone is not waterproof.


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