OnePlus, which was established in China in 2013 and produces smartphones with huge screens to date, continues to make a name for itself all over the world with its high sales figures.



OnePlus phones, which continue to burn the pockets of users in our country with the rise of the dollar rate, attracted the attention of mobile game lovers the most with their huge screens with high resolution. OnePlus, which offers both a safer and faster Android experience to its users with the updates it receives regularly, recently presented the Android 11 based OxygenON 11 update to its phone named Nord.

While Oxygen 11, which is still in open beta, is not known to please Nord users, it was not unnoticed that this update was downloaded and started to be experienced by millions of users.

In our news, we mentioned that flagships receive updates regularly. In this article, we talked about the step-by-step update process for users who do not know how to update the OnePlus phone.


OnePlus Update Step by Step

1 – From the menu of your OnePlus phone, click on SETTINGS.

2 – If there is any update on your device, it will appear at the top of the screen.

3 – If there is no update warning on the screen, click on SYSTEM at the bottom of the screen.

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4 – On the screen that appears, click the SYSTEM UPDATE section to check if there is an update.

5 – When your device finds any updates, select the INSTALL NOW option on the screen.

6 – After your device automatically installs the update, click the RESTART button displayed on the screen.

7 – After restarting your device, it will automatically re-integrate apps and give you a better experience.

8 – Congratulations you’ve managed to update your smartphone. You can now start using the latest update coming to your device.

The update process that we have explained step by step above is the same for all OnePlus phones. Images belong to 7 Pro. If you wish, users can install the latest Android update on their devices by doing the steps one by one and start using it.


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