foldable iPhone News: The countdown has begun for Apple’s highly anticipated foldable iPhone model. Ming-Chi Kuo says it will come very soon. Here are the details.


Xiaomi has also been included in the foldable phone trend that started with Samsung and Huawei. The development of this field and its general spread from a niche audience prompted Apple. Ming-Chi Kuo, known for its proximity to Apple and whose analyzes are generally correct, now shared his views on the foldable iPhone model.

2023 will be a turning point for Apple

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s highly anticipated model will arrive in 2023. Kuo also states that this model will have an 8.0-inch screen. Apple, who brought the Apple M1 chipset to the iPad, is expected to go crazy and bring this chip to its foldable model. If what we said comes true, even if the Snapdragon 999 comes, the Android front will fall into a position that cannot even pass Apple’s phone.

Apple, which will use the Apple A15 chipset in the iPhone 13 family, which will be introduced this year, will negate the gear for a while. The dream of the iPhone with the M1 chip can therefore be extended to 2023, as we said. We hope Qualcomm and MediaTek will not keep silent on Apple’s M1 move and will line up to introduce their powerful processors. Otherwise, the difference between the iPhone and the Android phone may become irreversible.


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