Being the only manufacturer to use notch in the smartphone market, Apple continued on its way with this design in the iPhone 12 series. Apparently; Apple will also use a notched screen in the next iPhone 12s series. According to the images emerging today, Apple has two different options. The first is to make the notch a little smaller. In this design, we see that the notch does not narrow but only shrinks from the sides.




Another design offers a notch design that is narrowed from the bottom to the top, rather than from the side. We liked this design more as a team. Because in the first way, the design reminded us a little of the Google Pixel 5 series.

Both of these designs have been presented to the users. This is a survey done by the Apple Design account, but who is doing this survey? This is one of the very curious things.

A visual leaked about the rear camera structure of the new generation iPhone 12s. When we look at this design, it does not go unnoticed that Apple will trim the rear camera protrusion in the new generation iPhone series. This design says a more compact phone will be presented to us. We see that the general structure will be exactly like the iPhone 12.

Apple is expected to introduce the next generation iPhone 12s in September this year. We hope that the pandemic can be seriously controlled until that date and the world will become more normal with the completion of vaccination studies.


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