Xiaomi Mi 12  News: We have brought together everything known about Xiaomi’s highly anticipated flagship Xiaomi Mi 12 for you. Here are the leaked specs.


Xiaomi, one of the leading names in China, came out with the Xiaomi Mi 11 in the last month of last year. After the Mi 11, which was the first phone to use the Snapdragon 888 chipset, the eyes began to turn to the Xiaomi Mi 12 family. Qualcomm is expected to announce its next-generation chipset, the Snapdragon 895, in the coming months. We bring together everything that has been leaked so far about the Mi 12, which will use this chipset.

How will the Xiaomi Mi 12 features be?

Hardware specifications

Xiaomi will include the Snapdragon 895 chipset in its new flagship family. For now, it is unknown what the Snapdragon 895 will offer. However, rumor has it that it offers up to 30 percent performance improvement over its predecessor. This chipset, which will feed the Mi 12, will be among the fastest in 2022. On the RAM side, the Mi 12 is said to come with 8 GB RAM and 12 GB RAM options. The Ultra model, which will be the top member of the family, will probably also include a 16 GB RAM option. Long story short, the Mi 12 family will not upset anyone in terms of performance.

Camera features

The camera issue remains unclear. Because it is said that Xiaomi will sign an agreement with the photography giant for a while. Xiaomi, which is said to agree with Leica, Kodak or Zeiss, will entrust its lenses to one of these companies. It is said that the 108 Megapixel sensor will even come to the middle segment in 2022. Therefore, we can say that the main camera of the Mi 12 will have a resolution of 108 Megapixels signed by Samsung. This main camera can be accompanied by a 40 Megapixel telephoto lens, 21 Megapixel ultra wide angle lens and 8 Megapixel macro lens. Mi 12 will again come with a dot notch camera. This camera is expected to have a resolution of 32 Megapixels.

Display features

Speaking of the screen, let’s say that the phone will come with a 6.9-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 with 120 Hz refresh. This screen is expected to be fed with MEMC and Dolby Vision technologies, which are Xiaomi’s anti-blur feature. Xiaomi will again offer a high-level experience on the screen. In terms of security, it should be noted that Xiaomi will include under-screen fingerprint reader and face detection technologies.

There are no details about the design of the phone for now. It is likely that small touches will be made in the design of the Mi 11 and a simple design will be presented. Mi 12, which will come out of the box with Google’s new operating system Android 12, will most likely have the MIUI 13 interface that has not been introduced yet. Xiaomi, which wants to create an ecosystem like Huawei with MIUI 13, will be able to saturate the users with the feature.

In the battery section, the main model will have a battery with a capacity of approximately 4,700 mAh with 66W fast charging support. Presumably, the top models will also include 100W or 120W fast charging support.

How much will the Xiaomi Mi 12 price be?

Let’s talk about price. Xiaomi Mi 11 was available for sale with a price tag of approximately 630 euros. Due to the worldwide chip crisis, Xiaomi was expected to increase prices. However, the fact that the competitors do not make a statement on this issue will probably affect Xiaomi as well and will continue with the same price policy.

It is not known how many members Xiaomi will add to the Mi 12 family. Probably only the main model will be introduced in the first place. After that, other models will be with us.


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