HP announced that it purchased HyperX, which produces gaming accessories, for $ 425 million.With the announcement, HP announced to the public that it purchased the HyperX brand, which is a part of Kingston Technology and produces gaming equipment, for $ 425 million.

With this acquisition, HP aims to have an important place in the game accessory market.

As you know, HP has been taking steps in the field of gaming peripherals under the name of Omen for the past few years. However, although the company has taken important steps in this field, unfortunately it did not attract as much attention as companies such as Corsair and Logitech. In this direction, the company made a radical decision and announced that it purchased the HyperX brand and its gaming peripherals portfolio from Kingston Technology Company for $ 425 million.

As you know, HyperX, one of the first companies that comes to mind when it comes to gaming accessories, has recently come to the fore with Cloud series headset models. In addition to gaming headsets, HyperX’s portfolio includes a variety of gaming accessories, from gaming keyboards to microphones.


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