With the HTC U Ear, it looks like it will come with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) headphones. The newly leaked TWS headphones show HTC is working on a new in-ear headphones. Some visuals were said to belong to HTC U Ear for the headset in question. So what features does the headset have, here are known:

HTC U Ear stands out with having TWS
HTC has already been positioned as an active manufacturer in the TWS headset market for some time now. The company plans to enter U Ear directly into the market where it is a manufacturer. The headphones look like a classic TWS headset. Besides, it is said that we will come across in the coming weeks for the headphones, which is seen to be preferred in black color.

HTC U Ear is similar in design to Apple’s AirPods headset. The headset, which looks like the black version of AirPods, has a glossy surface. The charging box of the headset is in a square design with rounded corners. The lid of the charging box opens upwards and the headphones are placed horizontally inside.

USB C was used in the charging unit of the headset, but we still have no information about wireless charging support. There is no date on when to launch HTC U Ear, but it will appear in the coming weeks. Besides, there is no detail on the price of the headphones.


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