Chinese technology manufacturer Huami continues to work on a new mask design. Named “Aeri”, this mask has an N95 filter and self-disinfects thanks to the built-in ultraviolet light. Huami’s new mask is expected to be released in 6 to 12 months.

The coronavirus epidemic, which emerged in Wuhan, China and turned into a pandemic, significantly affected people’s lives. In this context, people are now able to leave their homes without using masks. As such, both technology giants and medical equipment manufacturers started working on more functional mask designs. Now a new move on this matter, the Chinese technology company Huami’gen has arrived.

According to the information received, Huami is working on a new mask design in line with today’s needs, and if this project is real, it seems that an important milestone in masks will be left behind.

The mask prototype that Huami worked on
A traditional mask used to protect from coronavirus needs to have removable N95 filtration capacity. Masks produced to date lost their filter feature after about 1.5 months of use. Here Huami puts a finger at this point and continues to work on a customizable mask. The mask, which is currently in the prototype stage, is called “Aeri”.

Aeri, on which Huami works, has a plastic structure. According to the company’s statements, the mask can disinfect its own filters when powered by its USB connection. This feature of the mask takes place thanks to the built-in ultraviolet lights. Although the mask cleans its filter with ultraviolet lights by itself, its external cleaning must be done by the user.

One of the main problems of using traditional masks is that the mask largely covers the face. In other words, face recognition feature, which is one of the most popular technologies of recent times, cannot be used while wearing masks. Huami Aeri winking to face recognition technologies with its transparent structure.

It is not known when Huami’s new mask will be released, but Aeri is expected to be released within 6 to 12 months. If it is developed as desired, we can clearly state that Huami, which will open a new page in the mask industry, will be discussed more in the future.


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