Huawei AppGallery, which started broadcasting after Google’s withdrawal of Android support, now has 530 million monthly active users.


After losing a lot of power after Google stopped Android support, Huawei announced AppGallery months later and rapidly increased the number of applications in its store. Nowadays, while many mobile application developers are gradually moving towards this store, striking details about the store have begun to emerge. The Chinese company, which ate a blow from the US after Google withdrew Android support, has been grappling with various restrictions for months. The company, which will appear with its electric vehicles at the end of the year, is now making a name for itself with its application store. Huawei AppGallery exploded.

The Chinese company, one of the names that will mark the year 2021 with different smartphone models, continues to fill its case with sales figures and money, while making its name talk with brand new developments. The company, which has entered the electric vehicle business in addition to the pig farm and coal mine, hosts developments that do not fall off the agenda this year. Continuing to offer brand new updates to its users, Huawei AppGallery surprised its users with the number of users.

Huawei AppGallery just exploded

The company, which launched its own app store after Google’s withdrawal of Android support, stated that Huawei AppGallery has a monthly user base of more than 530 million. Announcing that 384 billion applications were installed in 2020, the company states that this number will increase gradually in 2021. It is stated that the store also includes 2.3 million registered application developers, while AppGallery is located in 42 markets in five regions.


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