Huawei, one of the leading companies in the mobile industry, has been dealing with US sanctions for the past few years. Chinese manufacturer denied Google apps and revoked Android licenses; made a brand new start to tackle these challenges. Huawei first launched the AppGallery application, then developed its own operating system with great breakthroughs.


Huawei, which wanted to fix its relations with Google, unfortunately could not reach the agreements it wanted again due to the USA. As such, the company rolled up its sleeves and transitioned to a brand new ecosystem. Bringing a new operating system to its devices with the HarmanyOS 2.0 operating system, Huawei now takes the AppGalery application and brings this application to computers.

AppGalery store can be used on computers

You can now use the AppGalery store on computers. At the same time, it will be possible to eliminate all your shortcomings with the variety it offers. According to reports, the PC version of AppGalery will come with 5 categories. If you wish, let’s take a look at those categories;

  • Office
  • Classifications
  • Discover
  • Administration
  • Settings

As you can see above, the PC version of AppGalery will consist entirely of these options. Among these, the “discover” section will be where the most popular apps on the market are listed. As the name suggests, the “Office” section will contain office programs. In the “Classification” section, you will be able to search for different applications. You will be able to manage the software from the “Management” section. Finally, you will be able to manage your account from the “Settings” section.


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