The rumors we received at the beginning of March gave us information about the Huawei Band series. Huawei Band 5 would not come out and 6 would replace it.


In line with the sensations we received today, we have some information about Huawei Band 6. But how does the bracelet offer us new features? Do we like or dislike the new wristband that Huawei will release and why? You will find all the answers in the rest of our article, but let’s start with the features of the bracelet first.


Huawei Band 6 Specifications

We have the design of the device, as seen in the Weibo post of a Chinese user who is famous for leaking images of new products to be released by the brands. You will find the visuals and features of this device, whose main feature is to follow your sports, in the rest of our article.

Huawei’s new smart bracelet will feature a 1.47-inch AMOLED display. The screen of the device may not always support the open screen, but there will always be a function of raising your wrist to see the screen. According to rumors, the screen size of the device will be at least 1.5 times larger than Huawei Band 4. The silicone structure to be used in the cord of this device, which will weigh 18g, will be compatible for all weather conditions. In addition, Huawei will offer users up to 2 days with a 5-minute charge, and up to 14 days with a full charge. This device, which will be offered in black, orange green and pink colors, will also have a powerful magnetic charger.

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There’s more! This bracelet will support 96 different sports modes! There is even Kung Fu in these sport modes! In addition, the device will have the NFC feature and will be able to control the camera of the smartphone it is connected to with the remote shutter. Another nice feature is the SpO2 oxygen measurement sensor in the wristband. With this device, Huawei will keep track of your heart rate 7-24, analyze your sleep and measure your stress, together with sensors called TruSeen, TruSleep and TruRelax.



If you ask me about this device, the price of which has not been determined yet, I did not find it attractive and I did not like it very much. The reason for this is the high similarity rate of the device to the Honor Band 6 smart bracelet. Huawei seems to offer us the same device by simply changing the name. However, some new features will hopefully be added. See you again when more details about the device become available!


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