Huawei is taking firm steps towards becoming the new Apple. We can say that the number of EMUI 11 users has officially increased. iOS 14 is in tears.


Huawei today came up with the number of EMUI 11 users. Explaining that the number of EMUI 11 users currently exceeds 100 million, we can say that Huawei is officially intimidating the peer-friend. Despite the sanctions on the Google front, Huawei has released interface updates at the speed of a cartridge, and is now working on Android rival Harmony OS.

EMUI 11 was launched at the Huawei Developer Conference on September 10, 2020. In addition to the increase in system fluency, EMUI 11 also came with a number of innovations such as intelligent multi-windows, multi-screen collaboration, seamless transfer of large files. Also, this update limits ad tracking and other functions.

The adoption of this interface, which will form the base of Harmony OS 2.0, and the sudden increase in the number of users is very good news for Huawei. In this way, users will not feel unfamiliar with the new operating system.

Huawei has a big contribution in exceeding this figure of 100 million. Because despite all the difficulties, the Chinese technology giant has managed to bring its updates to its customers both quickly and retrospectively. We can say that Huawei, which offers the latest interface update to many of its old phones, deservedly exceeded the 100 million threshold.

It is unknown how EMUI, which catches the usage rate of iOS 14, will evolve in the future. Let’s see if there will be a big revolution with Harmony OS or will there be minor retouching?

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