HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 ushers in a new era in open design active noise cancellation using artificial intelligence in active noise cancellation.


Huawei FreeBuds 4, available for sale, officially ushers in the open design active noise canceling 2.0 era with high-definition sound quality and intelligent audio connection experience.

Passive noise cancellation is achieved with physical earplugs that isolate the ear canal from external noise, while active noise cancellation is achieved through the use of microphones and noise canceling sound waves. Active noise canceling also uses digital tools to actively counteract external noise, eliminating noise that cannot be removed by physical means.

Most open wireless earbuds do not have active noise canceling. When wearing headphones with active noise canceling, users often need to turn the volume all the way up to enjoy music in noisy environments such as subway cars or buses, and busy roadsides. This makes it difficult to enjoy a quiet and comfortable listening experience.

Huawei FreeBuds 4 has Adaptive Ear Matching (AEM) technology. The wireless earbuds provide the most comfortable noise canceling experience by automatically detecting the wearer’s ear shape and usage situation, intelligently determining the optimum noise canceling setup for each user.

In FreeBuds 3, users had to do it manually to find the noise canceling parameters that worked best for them. With FreeBuds 4, users can now enjoy intelligent noise canceling parameters matching when noise canceling is enabled and enjoy a customized listening experience anytime, anywhere.


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