Huawei HarmonyOS News: Having grappled with various problems in the smartphone market, Huawei gave a date for the HarmonyOS update. Prepare to update your phone.


Having lost a lot of blood due to Google and US sanctions, Huawei is almost working on developments that will come out of its ashes. The company, which will appear with various electric vehicles at the end of the year, will make a name for itself with its new operating system. The company, trying to survive with different smartphone models, announced a great innovation. The company, which has a serious user in our country, announced its own operating system. The operating system that we have included in our news recently was announced as Huawei HarmonyOS. The date has finally been given for this operating system, which runs faster than the Android platform.

The leading executives of the company stated in their previous statements that they were just trying to stay afloat. In the news we made yesterday, we mentioned that the stocks of the company in China were empty. While the company became unknown what it was planning and what to do, the expected announcement came today. The company is preparing to start the HarmonyOS operating system.

Huawei HarmonyOS will be released on June 25th

According to the information we have obtained with the statement made by the software of the company, the company will share the new operating system with its users on June 25. The company will present a better performance experience to its users with this update, which will be presented as an update. The operating system tested on the Mate X2 in the past weeks has disappointed Android in terms of both battery usage and performance. The operating system, which is currently being tested by users in the beta phase, will be available to users globally on June 26.


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