Foldable phones called not going to popular, which started in 2019, were on the rise in 2020. Despite the pandemic, Huawei, which has achieved significant success in the wave of foldable phones, is now pulling all-in to its biggest competitor. Huawei does not seem to prefer Samsung in its foldable phones on the screen.



It was previously reported that Huawei is using Samsung’s foldable screen for the Mate X2 smartphone. However, it was later revealed that the company only used folding panels produced by BOE, not Samsung. Now a new report explains why Huawei didn’t buy foldable panels from Samsung and chose to go alone with the BOE.

According to the information obtained, Huawei and Samsung Display, the foldable panel supply agreement expired in October last year. However, after reassessment, Huawei decided not to work with Samsung and announced that it would prefer BOE, which is entirely Chinese manufacturer.

Some Korean analysts believe this move from Huawei was taken to prevent potential disruptions to the supply chain of key components such as display panels on the flagship. So it’s better to go for home grown solutions rather than an overseas display manufacturer. Saying domestic and national, Huawei will probably use a BOE signed screen in its new flagship models.

Huawei’s decision seems quite logical. It is not known whether America will attract Samsung with it. If Samsung turns its back on Huawei, this time the guys will also be on the screen. Let’s see how BOE, which Apple says does not meet our standards, will produce screens of quality for Huawei, the company of its country?


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