With Huawei HMS Core 6.0, applications will bring stones to Android. The core that will power Huawei’s HarmonyOS applications has been renewed.


Huawei officially launched the HMS Global App Innovation Challenge today. The Chinese manufacturer encourages global developers to integrate the open capabilities of Huawei HMS Core to develop innovative applications. According to reports, as of the end of May 2021, the number of Huawei registered developers exceeded 4 million. In addition, the number of applications integrating HMS Core worldwide has exceeded 134,000. Announced in today’s competition, Huawei now wants to attract developers to its platform with HMS Core 6.0.

What will Huawei HMS Core 6.0 offer?

HMS Core 6.0; further clarifies the role of Huawei Cloud and Huawei’s terminal cloud service (Cloud-Cloud Synergy) for developers.

Currently, Huawei’s HMS ecosystem has become the third largest mobile app ecosystem in the world. HMS Core offers developers more than 60 capabilities. In addition, the developers provide five root engine services for map, search, payment, crawling and advertising. These can help applications gain more users, higher efficiency, and more efficient business success.

Huawei hopes to leverage the global launch of HMS Core 6.0 to boost its app ecosystem. Currently, Huawei Cloud and Huawei Terminal Cloud Services will bring more features for global developers. The company’s goal is to globalize HMS Core. This service is expected to be available not only to the Chinese region but to the whole world.

Chen Lifang, Senior Vice President and Director of Huawei; “We are moving towards the world of digital intelligence. In fact, we already live in an age of apps. Apps make our work and life more comfortable than before. This is inseparable from the efforts and contributions of thousands of developers.” used the phrases.

The terms “trees” and “roots” were used as a metaphor for the close relationship between the evolving HMS ecology and the developers. Huawei uses this metaphor; “The ascending tree must have roots. The evolving growth process of HMS ecology is not only the evolution of technological empowerment, but also the result of close collaboration between Huawei and most of the developers. We believe that more and more people are coming together through the HMS platform.” explained as.


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