Huawei introduced its smart TV models and a vehicle display at a press conference in China. There are three different size options in the new Smart Screen S and S Pro series. These are 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches.

In the Huawei Smart Screen S series, there is a pop-up camera that allows you to search in Full HD resolution with artificial intelligence. There is a fast communication system for answering and making calls between the phone and the TV. The TV model, which also has child clock support, also includes voice dialing features for children and the elderly.

You can access the TV remotely by phone. When we move towards the technical specifications of the series, DCI-P3 has the ability to display color enough to cover 92% of the color palette. TUV Rheiland also has double eye protection with low blue light. The TV model, which is also ambitious in sound, includes two 10W speakers, two 10W tweeters and two high frequency speakers.

Thanks to a patented technology, high frequency and human voice can be expanded up to 8 decibels during a movie to make dialogues more understandable. It also promises an environmental sound experience with virtual sound field expansion.

It is also stated that it optimizes the sound and image according to the published content. You can also play games on the screen using your phone.

After connecting your video doorbell, you will be able to see the person at the door on your TV and communicate without leaving your seat. This feature, which will not be available in the released version, will be gained in the future with the software update.

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Huawei Smart Screen S model has a starting price of 3299 Yuan. The Smart Screen S Pro model has a starting price of 5699 Yuan.

Huawei seems to aim to combine smart televisions and some of the smart home features in a more accessible device.


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