Huawei News: Snapdragon processors could be a new hope for Huawei. Judging by the latest developments, Huawei is preparing a phone with Snapdragon 898 processor.


Huawei will soon break its long silence with the P50 series. We see that the brand, which lost its place in the smartphone market after the sanctions of the USA and lost blood day by day, still does not give up. There are some developments that the brand, which solved the processor problem in the P50 series with the 4G supported Snapdragon 888 supplied from Qualcomm, will use Qualcomm processors in the future. According to Chinese sources, Huawei is working on a phone with Snapdragon 898 processor.

According to Huawei, the successor to the Snapdragon 888 will be called the Snapdragon 898. Among the other features of the phone, which will be powered by this processor, is a 6.6-inch screen. The phone appears to have quad cameras with a resolution of 50 megapixels + 60 megapixels + 60 megapixels + 40 megapixels. Frankly, these camera features make it strong to think that it will be hypothetical for the aforementioned phone.

It is reported that the phone, which is the subject of leaks, will have 110-watt fast charging support. Among the mentioned features of the phone are 12GB RAM + 256GB and 16GB RAM + 512GB memory unit. It is not clear at the moment in which Huawei series the phone, which will be priced at $ 1,235 and $ 1,310, will be evaluated. It is more remarkable that Huawei will continue to use Qualcomm processors, rather than under which series this phone will debut. What do you think about Huawei’s Snapdragon 898 processor phone? Could the Mate 50 series be a model?


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