After Apple, Samsung, Meizu and Xiaomi, recent developments show that Huawei chargers will no longer be in the box.


Huawei is preparing to take its chargers out of the box. In fact, this development came to the fore in the recently recertified Mate 40 Pro model. While some Mate 40 Pro models passed the 3C charging certificate, it was seen that the charging adapter was not accompanied by the phones. A recent memo posted on China’s popular microblogging site Weibo also shows which models the charger will come out of the box in the first place.


Huawei Charger Unboxed Mate 40 Pro

Chinese sources report that Huawei will soon remove adapters from the box of smartphones such as Huawei Nova 8 and Huawei Mate 40. It was later reported that the chargers would be removed from other phones with the Kirin 990 processor.

According to the source, the main reason Huawei abandoned its chargers is not having enough charging chips. Huawei will also continue to sell adapters in its stores, but it does not seem strange that besides the chip problem, adapter sales will continue.

The frenzy of removing the charger from the box was initiated by Apple with the iPhone 12 series. The older iPhone models, which were later produced, were also sold without a charger. Later, Samsung, Xiaomi and Meizu also joined this trend. The strategy adopted by Xiaomi is more interesting. The charger is not included in the box of the phone, but users can take the charger free of charge with the phone if they wish. So what is the goal of the manufacturers in this? According to what they express, it is an indicator that they attach importance to the protection of the environment.

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