Huawei will launch the Apple M1 rival Qingyun L410 laptop in March 2021.
Previously, we talked about that the manufacturers will follow Apple. In this context, Huawei’s new device will use the ARM-based Kirin 990 processor UOS 20 system, such as the Apple M1.

So what is this UOS 20? Unity Operating System is a Deepin-based Chinese Linux distribution developed by UnionTech and commissioned by the People’s Republic. China’s aim here is to eliminate dependence on foreign operating systems such as Microsoft Windows.

Aside from launching a Linux operating system laptop, a Linux-based laptop with ARM processor is a seriously daring venture. Apple relies on the software library that is already available here, but there is no such large archive for Linux yet. Again, we wonder what kind of Rosetta 2 alternative Huawei will use – we don’t even know if it will.

If we look at the features of the device, we see that it is based on the previously announced MateBook B5-420 business laptop, which is based on the MateBook 14 mold.

The MateBook B5-420 laptop comes with a 14-inch 3: 2 ratio 2K display, and consumers can choose between a 10th generation Core i5 or i7 processor and an optional MX 350 graphics card. We do not yet know which processor the Kirin 990 will give equivalent performance here. If the processor is as good as the M1, Intel is likely to outpace its competitors.


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